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The Gold Coast Homelessness Network are launching 7CARECONNECT - Homelessness, a web based application based on the 7CARECONNECT model. This application provides real-time services to the homeless community in the Gold Coast.

The Australian Community has many categories of people who are considered vulnerable. The homeless, people with addiction challenges, victims of domestic violence and those suffering from physical and or mental health issues. As people in need, they have the same base needs as those of us who are more fortunate. The focus is on the 7 key categories to which access is essential for a supportive and inclusive community.

  1. Safety – domestic violence
  2. Food – meal services and food parcels
  3. Accommodation – crisis accommodation, social housing
  4. Support – drop in centres
  5. Social needs – street library, income (Centrelink)
  6. Health – mental health, drug and alcohol
  7. Learn/Earn – living skills

The Gold Coast provides empowerment and choice to the Homeless Community through the provision of consistent and accurate information.

This is an innovative and cost effective tool that improves the management and co-ordination of resources. 7CARECONNECT- Homelessness benefits both the consumers and the service providers.

People who are homeless or at risk of homelessness have improved access to information about their services. Service providers are able to keep information on their services accessible and up to date.

Sponsors can more easily understand where the services are provided, as well as how the community benefits from and recognises their support.

What people think of 7CareConnect, the navigation tool for the homeless community

Jane Holmes, Founder and Director
Support the Girls Australia

Jamie Muchall, Chief Operating Officer
Horizon Housing Company Ltd

Mrs. Mona Nielson, Chairperson
Gold Coast Homelessness Network Inc

Dr. Peter Heiner, Eye Surgeon (retired)

Michael Gugliotta
Community Manager of Gold Coast SUNS

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Mr. Hung Nguyen, President and Co-Founder, Logigear

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