ABOUT - Gold Coast Homelessness Network Inc

The Gold Coast Homelessness Network Inc (GCHN Inc) was established in 1993 and was registered as an Incorporated Association (Qld) in 2011, and is a well-integrated, multi-agency network of services addressing issues of homelessness in the Gold Coast area.

The GCHN Inc work is defined in the following areas:

  1. Sector development and advocacy
  2. Collaboration and integration
  3. Efficiency and resilient service delivery
  4. Sustainability and infrastructure

Over the years the GCHN Inc has continued to focus on and address the lack of emergency and short-term housing on the Gold Coast. It has proven to be an extremely effective hub for linking public and private housing and support services, raising awareness of homelessness issues and advocating for improved support for homeless people on the Gold Coast, as well as providing direct services to people.

The GCHN Inc achieves it aims through the development and sustainability of a long established network of homelessness services, government agencies, community outreach services and broader community membership that is cohesive, coordinated and has a commitment to integrative and collaborative service delivery.

Direct service delivery to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness is delivered through the following activities:

  • Homeless Connect activities and event - connecting people to housing, health, and community support services; the provision of food parcels; material goods; counselling and support services.
  • Street Library mobile services - supplying books, magazines and resources to people who are homeless and sleeping rough in the community.
  • Collection and distribution of donated clothing, household items, hygiene products and food aid.
  • Direct assistance and tools to people to navigate the homelessness service system.

Advocacy and sector development work are addressed through the following activities:

  • The development of strong working relationships across services and broader community to ensure there is high quality sector and project development based on inclusion, fairness, choice and respect.
  • The development of an awareness / educative training package, Demystifying Homelessness Project. This resource has been used by emergency services, Centrelink staff, City of Gold Coast outdoor and public facing staff, and other services with whom homeless people come into regular contact.
  • The development of a protocol and tools for housing and supporting people with high and complex needs
  • Facilitation of the annual Gold Coast Homelessness Symposium, now in its 12th year.
  • Regular meetings, dissemination of information and participation in forums and activities.

To achieve these outcomes the GCHN Inc has established strong working relationships with business, sporting clubs, real estate agents and the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ), media, training and employment and volunteer organisations. Most of these groups support the organisation in its fund raising activities.

GCHN Inc works proactively with its members and key stakeholders to enhance access to services for those who are homeless and/or at risk of homelessness. Particularly at this time, to ensure people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness on the Gold Coast receive quality housing and support responses in the lead up to, during and following the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The GCHN Inc is proud to work with social conscious, innovative and technology savvy companies to deploy the 7Care Connect - Homelessness platform, a navigational tool to help the homeless community discover and access the services they most need in a timely manner.

The 7Care Connect - Homelessness navigation tool will further enhance the aims of the GCHN Inc to facilitate strong collaboration and integration among service providers, therefore becoming more efficient and resilient across the housing and homelessness sectors and broader service networks.

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